Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Season Set to Start

The inaugural season of the WC(World Championship) League is set to kick off this week. 8 teams have entered vying for the WC title. The races have organized into two conferences, the Albion League and the Naggaroth League. The teams will take to the Blood Bowl pitch in a frenzy of blood lust and to show who has more steel. The conferences will enjoy inter-conference play as they both try to crown a champion to play in the finals.

The 8 teams vying for the title are as follows:
In the AL
The Necromatic team, the Grateful Undead
The Goblin team, Don't Feed the Trolls
The Amazons, Lelith's Lapdancers
The Chaos team, the Claw'toon Pombshells

In the NL
The Wood Elves, the Woodland Raiders
The Norse, the Jager Bombers
The Undead team known as Go Go Shamblers
The Chaos Dwarves, Da GrinD